Monday, April 12, 2004
  In Response To Uprising Coaltion Unveils New Plan For Iraq


Friday, April 09, 2004
  Convicted Oklahoma City Bomber Accomplice's Wife Had Affair With Bomber!

Terry Nichols wife revealed that she had an affair with Tim McVeigh. Seems she was upset that Tim kept coming over so she had an affair with him. 

  When Otters Attack!

"I don't think I've ever rowed harder in my entire life as I did trying to escape the otter -- that devilish creature had already attacked Scott and now it was coming back for more!" 

Tuesday, April 06, 2004
  Meanwhile in Edge City...

Kevin Drum F/K/A Calpundit in his new digs at Washington Monthly brings us an interesting excerpt from a book called Edge Cities:

  • The farthest distance an American will willingly walk before getting into a car: Six hundred feet. For example, sightlines in shopping malls never exceed 600 feet because people won't walk that far.

  • The function of glass elevators: To make women feel safe. Not to offer a view out. Rapes rarely occur in glass elevators.

  • Why elected officials feel they must encourage commercial development or die: For every $1 of tax revenue that comes in from a residential subdivision, as much as $1.22 goes out to provide services, especially schools. By contrast, for every $1 of tax revenue that comes in from commercial development, at most 32 cents is required in expenditures, usually for roads.

  • The maximum desirable commute, throughout human history, regardless of transportation technology: 45 minutes.

  • The prime location consideration when a company moves: The commute of the chief executive officer must always become shorter. [This is not a joke; Garreau cites a genuine study that strongly suggests it's true.]

  • What people who hire commercial real estate salesmen look for in a resume: Background as a jet-fighter pilot. It is an article of faith that the best commercial salesmen are former sky jockeys, although it is the sheerest speculation exactly why that correlation may exist.

And finally, a series of laws that helps explain the lack of mass transit in edge cities and why this will never change. Note that "FAR" stands for "Floor-to-Area Ratio," the ratio of the total floorspace of a building to the area of the land the building is on. It's basically a measure of population density.

  • The level of density at which automobile congestion starts becoming noticeable in edge city: 0.25 FAR.

  • The level of density at which it is necessary to construct parking garages instead of parking lots because you have run out of land: 0.4 FAR.

  • The level of density at which traffic jams become a major political issue in edge city: 1.0 FAR.

  • The level of density beyond which few edge cities ever get: 1.5 FAR.

  • The level of density at which light rail transit starts making economic sense: 2.0 FAR.

  • The level of density of a typical old downtown: 5.0 FAR.

  • The density-gap corollary to the laws of density: Edge cities always develop to the point where they become dense enough to make people crazy with the traffic, but rarely, if ever, do they get dense enough to support the rail alternative to automobile traffic.

Meanwhile, Brad DeLong takes a look at Kevin's original review of Edge City from 7 years ago:
What's more, if it was jobs that created our old urban cores, Garreau tells us that it is also jobs that are creating edge cities. Specifically, jobs for women. Edge cities began to take off in the late 70s, which was also the peak year in all American history for women entering the work force: The spike year was 1978. That same year, a multitude of developers independently decided to start putting up big office buildings out beyond the traditional male-dominated downtown. Land was more abundant and more automobile-accessible in the residential suburbs that had once been condescendingly referred to as "the realm of women." And the new advantage was proximity to the emerging work force. These Edge City work centers were convenient for women. It saved them time. This discovery was potent. A decade later, developers viewed it as a truism that office buildings had an indisputable advantage if they were located near the best-educated, most conscientious, most stable workers--underemployed females living in middle class communities on the fringes of the old urban areas.

On a more practical level, Edge City also provides a primer on the nuts and bolts of how development is done in edge cities and how it all revolves around one fundamental, never changing prime motivator: parking. Yep, parking. "Ample free parking" is the touchstone difference between edge cities and CBDs, and developers have to site the parking for their buildings before they can design the building itself...
  Yet Another Deportation Outrage

The Miami Herald brings us the story of a story of Kari Rein age42, wife of an American citizen,mother of a 14 and 7 year old, and Norwegian citizen, whose been living legally in the Seattle area for 15 years. But after a recent trip out of the country the government is now trying to deport her for a conviction for growing 6 marijuana plants 10 years ago. The sentancing judge concluded the plants were for personal use and sentenced Mrs. Rein to a fine and 240 hours of community service. Now a spokesman for the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services claims: ''Everything we do is aimed at national security" in justifying their attempt to kick Mrs. Rein out of the country. Sure it is pal. 

  I Love The Economist!


Friday, April 02, 2004
  Republican Senate Bigwig Arlen Spectre To Debate Primary Opponent, Hoeffel Provides Drinking Game

Pennsylvania Senate incumbent Arlen Specter is going to debate his Republican primary opponent Pat Toomey in a battle to see who can position himself as more conservative and right wing!Democrat nominee Joe Hoeffel brings us the drinking game! Technically he never calls it an alcohol drinking game...
Some highlights:
--Every time either candidate invokes his "good friend" George W. Bush;

--Every time Pat Toomey calls Specter a "dangerous liberal";

--Every time Arlen Specter refuses to refer to Pat Toomey by name, instead calling him "my opponent";

--Every time Specter accuses Toomey of ignoring specific constituents with heart-rending stories;

--Every time Toomey accuses Specter of ignoring specific constituents with heart-rending stories;

--Every time either candidate claims that the economy is improving;

--Every time Specter is compared to John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, or Ted Kennedy;

--Every time Specter calls Toomey "far out";

--Every time Specter calls Toomey "groovy";

Hoeffel also has a nice flash of Spectre being endoresed by Senator Rick Santorum, subtitled for the truth impaired! 

Thursday, April 01, 2004
  Pravda Calls The Media's 10 Funniest April Fools Jokes!

"newspaper Le Parisien has shocked its readers. It stated that the famous Eiffel tower was on the verge of being dismantled" No? How about: Pheonix newpaper starts fund for the poor: Only accepts guns to be given directly to the poor. 

  Those Crazy Norwegian April Fools Day Pranks!

One word: Monorail! (audience gasps) I've sold monorails to Brockway, Audbinville, and North Haverbrooke, and by gum, it put them on the map!
Well, sir, there's nothing on earth
Like a genuine,
Bona fide,
Monorail! ...
What'd I say?
Ned Flanders: Monorail!
Lyle Lanley: What's it called?
Patty & Selma: Monorail!
Lyle Lanley: That's right! Monorail!
(crowd chants "Monorail" softly and rhythmically)
Miss Hoover: I hear those things are awfully loud.
Lyle Lanley: It glides as softly as a cloud.
Apu: Is there a chance the track could bend?
Lyle Lanley: Not on your life, my Hindu friend.
Barney: What about us brain-dead slobs?
Lyle Lanley: You'll all be given cushy jobs.
Abe: Were you sent here by the devil?
Lyle Lanley: No, good sir, I'm on the level.
Wiggum: The ring came off my pudding can.
Lyle Lanley: Take my pen knife, my good man.
I swear it's Springfield's only choice...
Throw up your hands and raise your voice!
All: Monorail!
Lyle Lanley: What's it called?
All: Monorail!
Lyle Lanley: Once again...
All: Monorail!
Marge: But Main Street's still all cracked and broken!
Bart: Sorry, Mom, the mob has spoken.
All: Monorail!
Homer: Mono... D'oh!
Song text courtesy of this site. 

  Breaking News: Bush Economic Plan Succeeding!

Angrybear brings us some amazing progress in the US!

Latest report: 600,000 jobs added in March; Bush now on pace to meet jobs projection in the Economic Report of the President.

Budget will be in balance in 2006, due to rapid economic growth caused by Bush tax cuts. Trade deficit plummets as current accounts deficit turns into surplus.

Citing the shining beacon of democracy in the adjacent country, Iran announced today that it will abandon its WMD program and hold democratic elections next October.

Outing himself, Richard Clarke admitted this evening that his only objective was to maximize book sales; retracts allegations that fighting terrorism was not the Bush administration's top priority from day one.

Ken Lay was indicted this morning; arrest is imminent.

President's Mars plan unveiled. Scientists concur that man will land on the Red Planet in 2007.

Mathematical error discovered: President's Medicare plan will cost $400 billion as promised, not $540 billion!

Actual WMD found in Iraq. Hidden bunker containing 1.5 tons of VX gas, 8,000 liters of anthrax, 7,000 liters of botulinum toxin and nearly 1,000 liters of aflatoxin found in the "area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

Income inequality lessened over the last year. While all income brackets saw gains, the poorest households gained the most.

And April 1 is hear again. April Fools!! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2004
  BushCo. Flip Flops! Condoleeza Rice To Testify Before 9/11 Commision Under Oath And In Public!

More Later! 

  Latest Republican Attack Ad Revealed. World Shocked!

Shocking! Simply Shocking! (and completely made up. Still its funny!) 

  Who's Dumb A-s Idea Was This?

It seems that not only are some Soviet era satellites leaking radioactive coolant while in orbit, but many satellites were disposed of by being put into higher more elliptical orbits. End result- nuclear satellites that come crashing back to Earth in a few hundred years. 

  Ford, GM Take Revenge, Crush Electric Cars,

In response to the governments requirements that they produce electric cars, Ford and GM have decided to take their revenge on the bastardly autos and summarily crush all that they can get their hands on! Reports indicate that at the conclusion of their lease, Ford and GM are requiring that the cars be returned from their frequently infatuated owners and then are summarily crushed so the metals in the car can then be used to create new gasoline powered autos. And the circle of life is complete.

  Stephen Hawking Is On His 2nd Wife, Has 3 Kids!

Right, the guy in the wheelchair. Who talks with the computer voice. The paralyzed guy. Yeah, he's got three kids. If he can have kids, why dont you? Of course theres a downside.. but hey, when your paralyzed in a wheelchair and chicks are still into you, that really says something! We're not sure what, but it does!! 

Monday, March 29, 2004
  Now This Is Funny!

OxBlog brings us two powerpoint presentations! Here's the Gettysburg Address. And here's the Pledge of Allegiance. Check em out! 

  And The Quote Of The Day Is:

"Of course I like women. Historically, man has always been attracted to Evil."
Timothy McClanahan

From some guy named Tumbleweed on Slashdot.. 

Friday, March 26, 2004
  What Is The Cost Of Iraq To The British Army?

Intel Dump has a nice piece discussing a recent British Major's testimony before parliament where he says the Army wont be ready for another major deployment until 2008-2009 at the earliest. While the British military is vastly smaller then the US, it does serve to remind us that there is a very real opportunity cost in Iraq. And our presence there may mean our weakening elsewhere, encouraging other nations military adventures. 

Thursday, March 25, 2004
  Manned Space Flight: The Wrong Stuff

The New York Review of Books has an interesting article looking at the value of manned space flight. Its not a pretty picture insofar as manned spaceflight is at best expensive and redundant, and as we've seen twice so far- highly dangerous.
As far as the vaunted Hubble: "Riccardo Giacconi, the former director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, has estimated that by using unmanned rockets instead of the space shuttle, we could have sent up seven Hubbles without increasing the total mission cost. It would then not have been necessary to service the Hubble; when design flaws were discovered or parts wore out, we could just have sent up another Hubble."
And what did Columbia's crew risk their lives for?

It is sad to report that it is not an impressive list of experiments. Roughly half had to do with the effect of the space environment on the astronauts. ... it has no point unless one plans to put people into space for long periods for some other reason.
Of the other half of the Columbia's experiments, a large fraction dealt with the growth of crystals and the flow of fluids in nearly zero gravity, old standbys of NASA that have neither illuminated any fundamental issues of science nor led to any practical applications. ... Much of the "scientific" program assigned to astronauts on the space shuttle and the space station has the flavor of projects done for a high school science talent contest. Some of the work looks interesting, but it is hard to see why it has to be done by people. For instance, there was just one experiment on Columbia devoted to astronomy, a useful measurement of variations in the energy being emitted from the sun... the only intervention of the astronauts consisted of turning the apparatus on and then turning it off.
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
  Who Is This Man: Richard Clarke?

And the news around the blogosphere is Richard Clarke, Richard Clarke, Richard Clarke!
Richard Clarke was a profesional civil servent for 30 years. He was the terrorism czar for 5 presidents. He quit in March, 2003 and his book just came out, and he was on 60 minutes this Sunday.
Clarke claims the Bush administration is simply incompetent. That in the wake of 9/11, when Al-Qaeda ties were already apparent, Cheney started talking about bombing Iraq. Clarke corrected him: 'Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda is in Afghanistan' to which Cheney replied: 'there are no good targets in Afghanistan, there are plenty in Iraq'. As for Condi- Clarke says she's obsesed with the cold war and a cold war way of thinking.
In response the Bushies have gone on full charachter assasination mode. No rebuttal of the facts just 'he's got a grudge, he's crazy, he was out of the loop, he's political'
Clarke deserves a long post so instead of reading it hear, check out this piece in the Phil Carters very centrist blog Intel Dump. Phil is former military and takes a very middle of the road orientation, largely ignoring political controversies that dont involve the military.
This part was particularly interesting:

Update V: David Frum, a former Bush Administration speech writer who now pens a 'blog for the National Review, has an interesting take on the Clarke allegations from the perspective of someone who served in the same GWB West Wing.
I have yet to read his book, but I have studied his interview, and I think I understand his argument.

Clarke seems to have become so enwrapped in the technical problems of terrorism that he has lost sight of its inescapably political context. One reason that his line of argument did not get the hearing in the Bush admininstration that he would have wished was that he did tend to present counter-terrorism as a discrete series of investigations and apprehensions: an endless game of terrorist whack-a-mole. The Bush administration thought in bigger and bolder terms than that. They favored grand strategies over file management. Clarke may have thought that he was dramatizing his case by severing the threat from al Qaeda from its context in the political and economic failures of the Arab and Islamic world. Instead, his way of presenting his concerns seems to have had the perverse effect of making the terrorist issue look small and secondary - of deflating rather than underscoring its importance.

And this propensity continues.

The huge dividing line in the debate over terror remains just this: Is the United States engaged in a man-hunt - for bin Laden, for Zawahiri, for the surviving alumni of the al Qaeda training camps? - or is it engaged in a war with the ideas that animated those people and with the new generations of killers who will take up the terrorist mission even if the US were to succeed in extirpating every single terrorist now known to be alive and active? Clarke has aligned himself with one side of that debate - and it's the wrong side.
What's Mr. Frum saying? Is he saying that Mr. Clarke's allegations were right, but that he just wasn't articulate enough to sell his agenda to the President? Is Mr. Frum, who was part of the White House political apparatus, saying that Mr. Clarke's real failures were political -- not factual? Did the Bush Administration really ignore a national security threat because one of its advisors couldn't find a way to sell the problem politically? If true, this statement by Mr. Frum is a damning indictment of the entire White House and National Security Council, and it indicates a near-total breakdown of the national security process. The idea behind the NSC staff, intelligence community, Joint Chiefs, and all the other systems in the national security process is to professionalize the decisions of the President in this area -- not to politicize them. Now comes Mr. Frum, saying essentially that the White House ignored its in-house expert on terrorism because he couldn't package it well enough. That's a really disturbing relevation -- especially because it comes from one of the President's own.
  Global Warming Set To Destroy New Hampshire...

's maple syrup crop! Global Warming has pushed up the traditional harvesting season from March to February in just the last 20 years. "Scientists around the world, including some at the University of New Hampshire, predict that by 2050 New England's average temperature will rise between 6 degrees and 10 degrees. That warming will vastly alter the climate needed to support a northern hardwood forest, including sugar maples." 

Monday, March 22, 2004
  The WSJ Finally Begins To Notice Bush Lies About 9/11

The Wall Street Journal has finally begun to take notice of the discrepancies in the Bush administrations account of 9/11. Bush's claim that he saw the first plane crash into the WTC and thought it was bad piloting is a lie becouse it wasnt on TV until amateur footage was shown that night of the crash, and the TV in the classroom wasnt connected. After the second WTC attack the president didnt leave the school for another 7 minutes. Bush did not put the military on alert as he claimed. Also there never was any indication that AirForce1 had been targeted despite Cheney's claim to the contrary. 

  Al-Qaida #2 Claims Group Has Nuke!

Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Osama bin Laden's terror network claims to have bought ready-made nuclear weapons on the black market in central Asia, the biographer of al-Qaida's No. 2 leader was quoted as telling an Australian television station.

if you have $30 million, go to the black market in central Asia, contact any disgruntled Soviet scientist, and a lot of ... smart briefcase bombs are available

No word on when the interview was done.
  Kautilyan: There is NO POLICY PROCESS

Kautilyan brings us a nice article reminding us whats really unique about the Bush White House: There is NO POLICY PROCESS. Instead of analyzing issues to come up with solutions, the Bush approaching is frighteningly simple, there are no policy papers. No research into the issues are done. NYTimes' Paul Krugman continues:

The general modus operandi of the Bushies is that they don't make policies to deal with problems. They use problems to justify things they wanted to do anyway. So there is no policy to deal with the lack of jobs. There really isn't even a policy to deal with terrorism. It's all about how can we spin what's happening out there to do what we want to do.
Sunday, March 21, 2004
  Ozzy Osbourne To Meet E.T.'s, Earth People Say!

Ozzy Osbourne was voted the person people most want to greet alien visitors to earth in a recent Yahoo!News poll! Ozzy beat out George Bush and Micheal Jordan, nabing 26% of the vote! 

  Bush Administration Avoided Attacking Terrorists In Iraq-Would Have Weakened Case For War

After the defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Al-Qaida dispersed and moved. One of the places they moved to was a small compound along the Iranian border in Northern Iraq near the town of Kirma. The enclave was located in the Kurdish areas of the no fly zone- an area not under Saddam's control but under our erstwhile allies. On at least three occasions, a plan was presented to attack the camp but Bush repeatedly refused because it would have weakened the case for invading Iraq. As a result Abu Musab Zarqawi escaped and is now credited with killing over 700 Iraqis in Iraq- primarily by bombing. 

  Whats Russia Up To?

OxBlog has a fascinating comment explaining the state of Russia and its economy from someone called TM (Mr. Trademark??):

...Today's Russia is not capitalist. Capitalism requires a vast infrastructure of laws, mechanisms, practices designed to channel savings into productive investments, and Russia's banking system is so corrupt and primitive that the majority of Russian savings are either spirited abroad (as in the case of most of the "oligarchs"' ill-gotten profits) or stuffed under mattresses.

When I worked at Citibank, our emerging markets development matrix put Russia in the same category of market development as Nigeria and Indonesia: the banking system is a shambles, with very little credit available to firms and households; foreign direct investment outside of the oil sector is minuscule (Poland has attracted many times the amount of FDI that Russia has--even when one INCLUDES the oil sector); and the amount of daily trading on the local capital marketslocal market capitalization barely exceeds the size of a single top-tier US high net worth brokerage account.
The real challenge for Russia is to create a rudimentary banking system. Khodorkovsky like most oligarchs has his own "bank", called Menatep, and his record here is one of fraud, incompetence and outright theft of depositors' assets. The banking and currency crisis that he, other corrupt "bankers" and the Yeltsin regime perpetrated in August 1998 destroyed the lifetime savings of millions of Russians. For this felony alone the man should go to prison.

The oligarchs have looted Russia and destroyed any hope of that country entering the ranks of the leading economies of the world for at least two generations. For anyone but a Geneva jeweler or a London or Costa del Sol estate agent, there is no silver lining to this cloud.

This is a followup to an earlier post that had this excert:
In his first term in office, Putin continued a brutal and ineffective war in Chechnya, acquired de facto control of all major national television networks, turned both the Federation Council and State Duma into rubber stamps, and tamed regional barons who once served as a powerful balance to Yeltsin's presidential rule. He has arbitrarily used law enforcement structures to jail or send into exile political foes. He has removed candidates from ballots and rigged regional elections; harassed and arrested human rights activists, outspoken journalists, and environmental leaders; and weakened Russia's independent political parties and civil society.

  Cross Examining Alan Greenspan!

Mathew Miller does an imaginary cross examination of Alan Greenspan over his recent claims that we should balance the budget by making Bush's unafordable tax cuts permanent and cutting Social Security to make up any shortfall:


By Matthew Miller

Tribune Media Services

(ITALICS) "GREENSPAN REVISES HIS POSITION ON THE DANGER OF BUDGET SHORTFALLS - Fed Chairman Now Cites Risk of Raising Taxes" (END ITALICS) - headline, The New York Times, March 16

Prosecuting columnist (PC): Please state your name for the record.

AG: Alan Greenspan.

PG: And your position, please?

AG: Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

PC: Would it be fair to say, Mr. Greenspan, that your position arguably makes you the most powerful economic voice on the planet?

AG: Some might say that.

PC: Yes, it must impose an immense sense of responsibility. Now, Mr. Greenspan, you are aware that we are running record deficits in the neighborhood of $500 billion dollars . . .

AG: Of course . . .

PC: . . . and that atop these current budget shortfalls, there are an estimated $25 trillion in unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare?

AG: Yes. These are major problems the nation needs to face.

PC: I see. Yet you have said we should not revisit President Bush's tax cuts mostly aimed at the wealthiest Americans in order to put our fiscal house in order. Indeed you argue that we should make those tax cuts permanent, in ways that would dig our fiscal hole deeper.

AG: I wouldn't put it that directly, but -

PC: But that's the gist?

AG: (looks at counsel)

PC: May I remind the witness that he is under oath?

AG: Yes, that's the gist.

PC: Your position, if I may decode the gobbledygook you've recently uttered before Congress, is that we should move toward budget sanity only by cutting or slowing the growth of planned government spending. Is that right?

AG: That's correct.

PC: Mr. Greenspan, do you recognize the data on this table I now hand you, which, with the court's permission, I shall mark, "The Only Exhibit You or Any of Us Need to Cut Through This Flimflam."

AG: Yes, it shows federal spending and federal revenue as a share of GDP - that is, as compared to the size of the economy.

PC: Precisely. Now, can you tell the court, Mr. Greenspan, on that table, what federal spending averaged as share of GDP under Presidents Reagan and Bush the Elder?

AG: Twenty-two percent.

PC: And President Bush plans to keep federal spending around what level in the years ahead?

AG: Just under 20 percent.

PC: For the record, Mr. Greenspan, is 20 less than, or greater than, 22?

AG counsel: Objection!

Court: Overruled. The witness will answer the question.

AG: Less than, but -

PC: And so President Bush is spending less relative to the size of the economy than did his father or Mr. Reagan. Now, will you please tell the court what revenue was as a share of GDP before the current Mr. Bush took office?

AG: About 20 percent.

PC: And this year?

AG: Just under 16 percent.

PC: Let the record also show that revenue under 16 percent of GDP is lower than at any time since 1950. That is, before Social Security was phased in for most seniors and before Medicare and Medicaid were even invented. Mr. Greenspan, aren't these programs that Republicans vote for and indeed expand every year, and which they have shown no inclination to trim in ways that would come close to restoring fiscal sanity?

AG: Yes, but -

PC: Isn't it therefore the height of irresponsibility - and conclusive proof of what can only be some secret malign agenda on your part, sir - for you to say this nation must hold revenue at levels below that which would support government activities that the vast majority of Americans support and that even conservatives vote for every day? All in order to give deep tax cuts to those who are already well-off, while doing nothing for the 44 million uninsured, or tens of millions of working families who live in poverty, or for the teacher crisis plaguing our poorest schools?

(To the court) Permission to treat the witness as hostile?

Court: Granted.

(PC punches Greenspan in the mouth. The chairman reels, wipes blood from lower lip, spits out a tooth.)

PC: Would the witness like to reconsider his position?

AG: (Inaudible mumbling) . . . Ayn Rand . . .

PC: I can't hear you, Mr. Greenspan, please speak up!

AG: (More mumbling) . . . Grover Norquist . . .

PC: The prosecution rests, your honor.

Check out Matt's website, and the Tribune Media Services for more. 
  Museum Of Iraqi WMDs Opens

Until the actual WMD's are found Bush's credibility is being stored here. 

  Republican Scandals: The Short List... Is Not Short!

Remember the good ol' days when Republicans talked about scandal fatigue and Bush ran on an 'restoring honor and integrity to the white house', yeah well outside of the infamouse b.j. none of them actually went anywhere as far as the Clinton administration. Today The Carpetbagger brings us a list of the current Republican scandals.. Now Republicans have these:

  • Cheney's secretive Energy Task Force was investigated by the GAO and the case is currently pending at the Supreme Court.

  • The Plame Game is under investigation by the Justice Department.

  • Bush's Medicare scam and the circumstances that led the administration to lie to Congress about the cost of the legislation is under investigation by the HHS inspector general's office.

  • The massive intelligence failure that led Bush to lie to the world about the Iraqi threat is under investigation by a congressionally-authorized independent commission (which Bush fought the creation of).

  • Bribes offered on the House floor to Rep. Nick Smith (R-Mich.) in exchange for his vote on Bush's Medicare plan are under investigation by the House Ethics Committee and the Justice Department.

  • Attorney General John Ashcroft was under investigation by the Federal Election Commission for violating campaign finance laws in 2000, and the FEC concluded that Ashcroft accepted $110,000 in illegal contributions.

  • An investigation into House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's criminal fundraising schemes in Texas -- which allegedly used corporate funds to help state GOP lawmakers -- is already before a Texas grand jury.

  • Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee were investigated for stealing thousands of confidential memos from Dem computers, a matter that has now been referred to the Justice Department for a possible criminal probe.

  • Republican Connecticut Gov. John Rowland is under a criminal investigation (and an impeachment investigation) after he lied about prominent state contractors and several government aides paying for refurbishments to his lake-front cottage.

  • Former Rep. Bill Janklow (R-S.D.) was under investigation for vehicular manslaughter, a crime for which he was later convicted.

  • The Pentagon launched a formal investigation into well-armed evangelist and three-star General William "Jerry" Boykin, Bush's pick for deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, and his record of extreme religious rhetoric.

  • The circumstances that led to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 are under investigation by a congressionally-authorized independent commission (which, again, Bush fought the creation of and then later resisted cooperating with).

  • And honorable mentions should go, of course, to investigations into Halliburton (Dick Cheney's former company) and Enron (George Bush's biggest corporate supporter).

  • If I'm missing any -- and I'm sure I am -- be sure to let me know and I'll update this list.

  • Carpetbagger also has thisUpdate: One reader has alerted me to a helpful list of GOP ethics abuses that the Washington Post published yesterday. Only one of the nine on the list actually is under investigation right now, but they all deserve to be. 
    Friday, March 19, 2004
      Is Bush Retarded???

    No, just learning disabled suggests this article in business week. Or possibly hard of hearing or possibly suffering from central auditory processing disorder (CAPD). Fascinating stuff, check it out. Still no explanation of why we invaded Iraq.. Oh right, vengeance against Saddam, and fufilling the dreams of the Project for the New American Century. 

      Rumsfeld Continues To Lie About Iraqi Invasion, Blames Possible WMD's

    Today's NYTimes features an op-ed piece by secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld where he repeats Bush's latest lie justifying the invasion of Iraq. Continuing on Bush's 'He wouldn't let us in' meme, Rumsfeld claims:

    Recognizing the threat, in September 2002 President Bush went to the United Nations, which gave Iraq still another "final opportunity" to disarm and to prove it had done so. The next month the president went to Congress, which voted to support the use of force if Iraq did not.

    And, when Saddam Hussein passed up that final opportunity, he was given a last chance to avoid war: 48 hours to leave the country. Only then, after every peaceful option had been exhausted, did the president and our coalition partners order the liberation of Iraq.

    Apparently Rumsfeld has either completely forgotten that Hans Blix were in Iraq looking for Iraqi WMD's or is just a blatant liar. Probably the later.

    Rumsfeld also took the opportunity to conflate the issue of terrorism in keeping with the Bush administration's meme that 9/11 and Saddam were somehow related:
    Today, in a world of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and states that sponsor the former and pursue the latter, defending freedom means we must confront dangers before it is too late.

    Excuse me Mr. Rumsfeld, if your through lying about the imaginary terrorist threat that your administration likes to pretend Iraq had, would you get off your big fat ass and actually do something about North Korea, and Iran which are about to go NUCLEAR...  
    Thursday, March 18, 2004
      Iran Peaceful......No One Surprised That NRO Report Wrong

    This is a follow up to a previous post reporting that Iran was seeing outbreaks of violence in the wake of of a pre-Islamic holiday. CNN reports that the mullah controlled government, in an effort to appease an otherwise angry and disillusioned populace, made the holiday legal and it was widely celebrated. NRO's report (see previous post) now seems completely discredited...While the NRO being wrong is not surprising, it is disappointing to consider that hopes for freedom of the people of Iran seem as far away as ever.

      "Your'e Fired" Is Trademarked! "You're Outsourced"- Still Available

    The Smoking Gun a website better known for bringing us the latest celebrity arrest report and mugshots, brings us news that Donald Trump has filed a trademark application for his catch phrase "You're Fired" from the tv show The Apprentice.  

      Bush's $87 Billion Hypocrisy!

    Bushco has been attacking Kerry over his voting against the $87 Billion supplemental spending on the Iraq war is. Billmon's blog "Whisky Bar" reminds us that this same bill might as well have been called the 'Leave No Defense Contractor Behind Slush Fund Act of 2003" and brings us a neat graphic reminding us how that money might better have been spent:

      Meanwhile In Scenic Iran...

    the fiercely conservative National Review Online brings us this article by an Iranian native about popular unrest increasing in that garden spot of civilization, Iran... There's a popular Iranian holiday, "Chaahaarshanbeh Souri, the feast of fire" that predates Islam and is celebrated by running through a bonfire. The ruling mullahs have decreed the holiday strictly un-Islamic in multiple pronouncements and fatwas... But that hasn't stopped the Iranian people from celebrating, drawing the wrath of the mullahs. They in turn have responded with "the non-Iranian revolutionary guards, who are often Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Afghan Arabs, and Yemenis who are imported to beat up on the people of Iran, since it is only the rare Iranian who wants to beat up on other Iranians anymore."

    And the punch line of the article:
    " Few in the West are listening and hearing the cries of the people of Iran, but that's okay, because we will be the power behind forging our own future; for Iranians, the mullahs and their Western enablers will be history. "... yup that's what its about- the "western enablers"... so what if the Iranian revolution chased out the pro-western (and notoriously brutal) Shah of Iran, and instead empowered the notoriously anti-western mullahs who have largely isolated Iran from the rest of the world- what its really about is the mullahs western enablers. In a way its surprising that considering this is a the NRO, Conservatives didn't reposition this as 'Liberal Enablers'... 

    Lifes majestic adventure!
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